Be a Part of RDU Blues

Be a Part of RDU Blues

C'mon and join the fam!

Chapter Heads: Shel Brannan, Tiffany Brannan (email)

The RDU Blues is an official Chelsea FC Supporters Group, free and open to all. We gather every match day at My Way Tavern Raleigh (map) and have a complete open door policy. Whether you're new to the area, just visiting or a long-time Triangle resident, come join us for match days! (And bring your significant other, friends, parents or kids – we welcome everyone of all ages!)

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get details on all our get togethers.

Chelsea in America and Chelsea FC Membership


We know, we know: If you can watch with us for free, why sign up for a paid membership?

As it always does, paying for membership has benefits.

What kind of benefits? We're talking:

  • Member-only contests
  • Member-only updates and e-news
  • Member packages
  • Early access to US tour matches
  • Access to purchase home and away tickets for CFC (yes, you read that right)

Ready for details?

To maximize your membership benefits, you should sign up for Chelsea FC ticketing membership AND membership in the Southeast Blues (our parent Platinum Club) via Chelsea in America. Here's how.

Let's start with Chelsea in America (CiA) benefits. CiA is the largest coalition of Chelsea FC Supporters Clubs in the US, comprising more than 45 clubs across the country. CiA member clubs work together, sharing operational expense and expertise while gathering at pubs from coast to coast to watch the boys in Blue.

CiA membership benefits include: CiA member-only contests, CiA member-only updates, access to any US tour matches, a CiA membership package and membership in the Southeast Blues Official Platinum Level Supporters Club.

RDU Blues CiA membership also comes with a monthly-ish (heavy on the "ish") e-newsletter published by Tiff+Shel.

So, how does CFC Ticketing membership play in? Glad you asked!

Max your benefits by combining CiA/Southeast Blues membership with Chelsea FC membership (2023-24 price beginning at £35). When you do that, you gain receive access to purchase tickets for home and most away CFC matches via Southeast Blues.

Again: in order to purchase tickets to Chelsea matches, you must be a member of both Chelsea in American and Chelsea FC. Keep both memberships each season to move up in the away ticketing queue where seats may be limited.

RDU Blues on the 5th Stand (Chelsea App)

The Chelsea FC app, the 5th Stand, is another no-cost way to stay connected not only with RDU Blues, but with Southeast Blues and Chelsea FC.

Download The 5th Stand: iPhone || Android

Once you download the app, be sure to select RDU Blues and Southeast Blues as your clubs.